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Long time no blog

November 24, 2006

Its been over a week since my last blog.  I'm sorry, but I was crazy busy.  Plus you really have to be in the mood to blog. 

Anyway, Its Thanksgiving weekend, which means we should be very busy in the store.  It also means that my wife’s entire family is at my house.  Now don't get me wrong, I like my wife’s family, and I'm happy to see most of them.  What I have a problem with is all these people (including their kids) staying at our house.  I love kids (I have 3 of my own) and I like her cousins, but I like my space and I like my routines.  I figure that if I want to get up in the morning with my hair sticking up and go to the kitchen in my underwear, and pass gas in a loud manner, I should be able to do that.  Don’t you?  I think at least one of you  will understand what I'm talking about here.  Is it selfish?  YES.  Is it insensitive? YES. But I’m just being honest here. I hope her family doesn't read my blog, because I don't want to make anyone feel bad. 

Sometimes finding exotic cars can be like treasure hunting, especially when you’re talking about classic exotics.  Values for real collectable cars can go as high as $15 million for a single vehicle (1962 Ferrari 250GTO).  We’ve all heard stories about cars found in barns, and some of them are true.  A few years ago I had an original 427 cobra with 9000 miles that spent several years in a barn, as a home for a group of cats.  I sold that car in 2004 for $365,000.  Today its worth closer to $700,000.  I wish I would have kept it.  (Of course I wish I would have bought Microsoft in 1984, but who knew).  The F40 and 288GTO deal was almost a “treasure find”, but I did pay up for them.  But now I think I found a real gem.  I’m not going to identify the exact car at this point, as I don’t want to screw the deal, but I’ve found a very significant old Ferrari, hidden for years, that no one knows about.  And when I say significant, I mean worth millions.  I’m cautiously excited and will give you more details after I lock it down.

We’re getting ready to shoot the pilot for the reality show.  The working title is “Exotic Cars, Las Vegas”, but I thin we can do better.  The company that’s producing it is Morningstar Entertainment.  These guys are the real deal, and the owner is Gary Tarpanian.  I hope he doesn’t mind me naming him in this blog, but I want to brag on him a little.  If you ever have to do something on TV in the reality or documentary format, this is the guy you want to do it with. He is true professional in every sense of the word, but more importantly, he is exactly the type of guy you want to do business with.  He’s fair, ethical, and has a real understanding of the needs of everyone involved in a deal, and tries his best to make sure those needs are met.  I am very excited about getting this thing started, and hope it gets picked up for the long haul.  From a strictly marketing standpoint, it can do great things for the store and our brand.

The retail store has been pretty busy this week and today is black Friday, which is the biggest shopping day of the year.  We’ve got a lot of product on sale, so we’ll see how it goes.  We set up the Criss Angel section in the store last week, and his stuff is really selling great, so we’ll probably expand it.  We’re also going to create a limited edition piece and have a Criss Angel signing in the store, so I’ll let you know when that’s happening.  We’re also doing a loop test this weekend.  For those who have not been in the store, we have a loop that you can walk around to get up close to the cars on the floor. On the loop we have several touch screens with information on all the cars on the floor.  Since we opened, we have been charging $5.00 to walk the loop (free with a $20 purchase, and kids under 5 are free).  This weekend we’re charging $10.00.  Its just a test to see how it goes over and how it changes the revenue.  Wynn charges even more than that to walk into the Ferrari dealership, so I don’t think it’s too much, but we’ll see.

On the car sales side, this week has been a little slow.  We did sell a 2005 Murcielago, a 2004 Gallardo, a 2001 360 spider, a 1967 Camaro, a 1970 mustang, a 1955 Corvette, and a 2003 Hummer that we had taken as part of a CCX deposit.   Also, we have our first Ferrari 599 coming in next week, so we should sell that quickly.

Enough for now.  See ya.

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