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Rant and recant

December 4, 2006

It’s Monday morning.  In fact its only 10:30 and I’m already aggravated.  While people have accused me of being very straight forward and thus a little intimidating, usually, I’m pretty easy going. So to be aggravated this early in the morning took some doing.  Specifically, I have 4 separate employees who made 4 unrelated bonehead moves.  I have a low tolerance for mistakes, especially when they are mistakes of not doing what they were specifically reminded to do, and especially when it costs the company money.  There’s a good chance someone will lose their job today.  Enough with the negative….

I played in the first event at the 5 diamond on Friday.  It was $1500 NLH and got an amazing 540 participants.  It being a Friday and the first day of the event, I wasn’t expecting a field that large.  I played well and only made one real mistake the whole time.  I had a small pocket pair and fired out preflop, and on the flop, and on the turn, but slowed down on the river and gave it up.  There were all overcards on the board and I was getting called down. If I fired again on the river he would have layed it down, but I didn’t.  That’s the great thing about poker, there’s always more to learn.  Anyway for my last hand, I had a decent stack about 4 hours in and looked down at pocket Aces.  I raised and got reraised all in. I was happy to call, and happier when he showed 77.  But then he flopped a 7 and I was out.  My friend Thom also played, after winning a satellite, lasted longer than I did, but didn’t make the money.  He’s a good player, but didn’t get the breaks.  In a tournament like this, almost everyone playing is an excellent poker player, but the winner is the one who wins the important races, and doesn’t get unlucky by having someone suck out on him. If I won with my AA vs his 77 (and I do win that 8 out of 10 times), I double up and who knows.  I’m going to try to play at least one more event this week, and play the super satellite to win my way into the main event. We’ll see.  If any of this poker talk seems like a foreign language to you, feel free to email me for definitions.

Friday night my wife and I went to the movies and saw Borat.  I’ve got to say it takes a sick mind to come up with that stuff, and an even sicker mind to actually do it.  But boy was it funny.  I’m sure some people took offense to it, but how could you not laugh.  Additionally it exposes just how ignorant and racist some people are.  The National Finals Rodeo is in town right now, and I want to take my kids to see it, but after seeing Borat, I’m not so sure.  Anyway if you haven’t seen it and you have an open mind, and want a good laugh, go.  This is a funny movie.  After the movie (at Red Rock Resort) we had a drink and played a little blackjack and got lucky, going home several thousand dollars richer.  It funny how much more fun you have when you win, than when you lose.

Saturday was a weird day in the store.  We sold two cars which was great, but the traffic in the whole mall was well below normal. No one seems to have an explanation for it.  I guess there was nothing really going on in town.  As I said, NFR is here, and I did see a lot of cowboy hats, but the retail business was slow.  Saturday night we had Dinner at Joes Stone Crabs (I love stone crabs) with some friends that were here from Florida, and then we went to the Hard Rock where I played some blackjack and lost some of the money I won the previous night.  You can’t live here and gamble very much, so I don’t.  We just do it for fun, on a night out (I don’t consider poker gambling).  We ended up in Body English, which is the night club at the Hard Rock. It is one of my favorite clubs, if not my favorite, in LV.  Criss and his brother JD ended coming over and joining us, but the place was a little slow for a Saturday night so we didn’t stay past 3 am.  BTW Criss is a presenter and the Billboard Music Awards tonight. Make sure you tune in.

OK, so I vented, I recanted, and now its back to work.  Its going to be a busy week, which is my favorite way to be.  I’ll try to write again before the week is over….

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