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Mostly poker

It’s been a week since my last bolg, and I apologize.  It’s been really busy.

We had representatives in from one of the exotic car brands (can’t tell you which one yet). They want us to become an authorized dealer, and I think that we will once we work out the details.  When the time comes we’ll do an announcement.  They also want to set up a permanent interactive display here.  This manufacturer, like all big car manufacturers, spends millions of dollars each year doing auto shows around the world. Because of the massive amount of people we get through the store (200,000 per month), we are like an all year auto show. So we’re now talking with several manufacturers about displaying cars here.  It will be great exposure for them and a significant amount of extra revenue for us.

We’ve also gotten aggressive in the marketing of the store as a venue for parties, weddings, meeting, and occasions.  Caesars had a sales meeting here for their people who book all their event venues and we’re starting to book pretty regularly. I think we could do as many as 3 per week.  It’s a nice change from the normal ball room, especially if the group really appreciates cars. We remove only the amount of cars necessary from the showroom and leave as many as possible.  We’ve had several parties in here already, and it really works well.  I know, you’re thinking, “what about drunk people being around the cars?”  Well, so far so good. People seem to respect the cars, and our security has not had to step in yet.  Given enough events, I’m sure we’ll have a problem some time, but let’s hope it’s later than sooner.

Sales of cars has not only been good, it’s been too good. Now we don’t have enough inventory.  As you know, we don’t just take anything. Cars have to be top quality, and finding the right cars is not always that easy.  But it is what we do, so we’re doing it. I’ve got all 8 sales people looking for inventory as we speak.  We do have several cars on trucks on the way here, but we need more, more, more.  Please email me if you have a car for sale or know of any cars for sale. We pay cash, fast and easy.

As far as this weekend goes, it was a fairly uneventful.  Friday night we went to the movies, and Saturday night didn’t even go out.  We had several invitations, but I was beat.  On Saturday after work, I went to the Bellagio to play in a single table satellite to win my way into the Sunday event ($5000 buy in).  I played well and got heads up with a really good player named Quinn Do.  I had a pretty big chip lead, though, and ended up winning.  So I got to play on Sunday.  There were 251 players including a lot of the top pros.  My first table included Scott Fischman, Paul Darden, Ross Boatman, and Marcel Luske.  I got off to a very good start. We started with 10,000 in chips. On the second hand I outplayed a guy for 3000 chips, and 2 hands later looked down to see AA. Blinds were 25/50. I made a small raise to 200. There were 4 callers and then a British guy in the 10 seat reraised to 1000.  He was on the button, so it could have been a steal raise, but didn’t feel like it. So I reraised to 3000 hoping to goad him into pushing all in.  He thought a really long time and I thought he would call or fold, but instead he did push all in.  I, of course, insta-called.  He had KK which is what it had to be. With QQ I don’t think he would have done it.  The flop came with 2 aces, I so had 4 of a kind and picked up his 10k in chips.  Then 10 hands later I knocked out a guy with a set versus his top pair and picked up another 5000.  My table image was great. Every time I showed a hand I had the nuts, so if I made a move, everyone folded.  When that table broke it was still the first level and I had over 30k in chips and was the chip leader.  My next table had Alan Goering and Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson.  I made 2 mistakes at that table, but they were mistakes of not playing hands I should have.  Had I played 2 key hands, I would have been sitting on 50k in chips. As it was, I was moved again and was still at 30k in chips.  I lost a big race, bluffed off 10K and my final hand was AJ vs KK.  I went out around 100th place. I was really upset because I truly thought I’d make the final table.  But there’s always next time.  I’m going to try to win my way into the main event which is a $15,000 buy in WPT event. I’ll let you know what happens.

There's a poker player named Antonio Esfandiari. His nick name is the magician.  He is the best player as fas as chip tricks are concerned, and his signature trick is the floating chip.  He puts a chip into his flat hand and places his other hand 12 to18 inches above it. The chip then jumps from his bottom hand to his top hand. It looks really cool.  About 3 weeks ago, I asked Criss to show me how to do it, and for the last 3 weeks I've been practicing and I've got it down cold.  So yeaterday at the tournement I was doing it at the table, and one of the guys said "hey, that's Antonio's trick". I acknowledged that fact and commented that I think i'm the only one beside Antonio that can do it.  He truned to the next table and grabbed Antoino (who I didn't even know was in the room) and told him.  Antonio said, "lets see it". I did it perfectly, and Antonio says "that's pretty good", but he looked like someone just stole his lunch.  He should take it as a complement, but I think he liked being the only one who could do it.

Well, I’ve gotta go now. I’m making a lot of changes around here, and I need to get on it. Till next time….

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