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Merry Christmas

December 26, 2006

I hope your Christmas was better than mine, as I was sick with a bad cold for the entire weekend.

I did manage to make it to work on Saturday, and we did sell 3 cars that day, but my head was stuffed and I couldn’t hear very well.  Someone way smarter than me needs to invent a drug specifically to clear your ear canal when you have a cold.  Not being able to hear was a bigger pain than the cold itself.  Anyway, we sold another Continental GT (now that the prices have come down, they’re a lot of car for the money), a 2002 yellow Murcielago, and our 2nd 599. 

Business has been really good these last two months, and I hope it continues.  I think it will.  I’m making some important personnel changes, as well as investing in infrastructure.  I hired this incredible design consultant to redesign our retail store, and I’m very excited with what he came up with.  So, I think that right after Superbowl, we’ll close the store for a few days and make the changes.  I’m going to try to come up with a plan to do it section by section, so I don’t have to close at all, or for the very minimum, but I’m going to bite the bullet and close if I have to.

Backtracking….. Thursday night my friend Tom wanted to play in a poker tourney and dragged me with him to one of the big hotels.  It was a cheap buy in tournament and I got there early and registered.  Then I sat down at a cash game and played $2-$5 NL.  I was enjoying myself and when it was time to start the tourney, I really didn’t want to play. But I promised Tom, so off I went. When I sat down, I saw that they had seated Tom at the same table.  I decided that if the chance came up, I would ship him my chips so I could go back to the cash game (I didn’t tell him this).  About 15 minutes in, I got AK in early position. I raised, and everyone folded to Tom, who reraised me.  I know how he plays, and I know he was trying to tell me he was strong.  I put him on AA or KK, which was perfect.  The flop came with a King, which made the situation even better.  I checked, he bet, I pushed all in, and he called with AA.  I was then able to go back to the cash game.  He made such a big deal out of being sorry for getting me booted from the tourney, so I had to tell him. I pulled him aside and said “Do you think I’m stupid enough not to know that you had AA or KK?”  He said “No”.  “So what do you think happened?” I asked.  He thought for 2 or 3 minutes before he figured it out.  I ended up winning $1000 in the cash game, and he busted out of the tourney in 15th place with no money.

Friday night I laid in bed not being able to breathe very well.  Saturday night, we were committed to go out to dinner with a group of people, and my wife really wanted to go, so I dragged my butt to dinner and spent most of the night saying “what?!” like an old man who lost his hearing.  I think the food was good, but I really couldn’t taste anything.

Sunday, I finally started feeling a little better, and decided to try to sweat the rest of the cold out, so I spent 2 hours in the gym and had a really good workout.  Then we took our kids and 3 other families to the movies at Red Rock to see “Night at The Museum”.  It was very good for kids, and adults too.  Red Rock Resort has private viewing rooms above their theaters, and if you have the right connections, you can reserve them.  So that’s what we did.  They have seating for 17 people and are catered.  I highly recommend this as the way to see movies.

Well, it’s Tuesday, and I’m back at work, feeling almost 100%, and looking forward to a good week, a very busy weekend, and a crazy New Years Eve.

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