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Concours and stuff


Concours D’elegance, Las Vegas

We were the presenting sponsor at the 1st annual Concours.  It got a pretty good turn out;  120 cars (quite a nice assortment) and a couple thousand people. There were several guys from the Desert region of the Ferrari Club there.  It’s a great group, and If you live in AZ, or NV, and you’re into Ferrari’s, I highly recommend these guys. Anyway, I’m hoping the Concours grows in each succeeding year, and we’ll stay involved. We brought 9 cars and a retail display to sell hats and shirts. We didn’t sell any cars there, but we did make good contacts.  (We had a good weekend in the dealership though, so I’m not too upset).  The most interesting part of the day was, when we got there to set up, Ebay motors, who had a booth there, had 3 cars in our space.  We asked the guy from Ebay, nicely, to move his cars. He was like “no way, I got here first”.  I said, “what are you, 2 years old?”  He actually stamped his foot and said “no way”.  This guy was a jerk!  I’m not much for violence, but I would’ve made an exception in his case.  After I called the organizers, they quickly made him move the cars.  I went over to him about an hour later and said “I’m sorry, did you have to move your cars?”  OK, so maybe that was an obnoxious move on my part, but this guy was such a jerk.


Saturday was jamming.  We sold a 2005 Arnage, a 1963 corvette, a 2006 Hennesy Ford GT, a 2005 Astom Martin DB9, and took another Koenigsegg order.  If there is anyone out there thinking about buying a CCX, I suggest you get your order in now. We’re already into mid 2007 deliveries, and every order that comes in puts it back another 3-5 weeks. Additionally, we’re going to have a car at SEMA, and expect to take a few more orders there.

New Cars

Make sure you check the website for new arrivals.  We’ve got a truck on the way with a 92 F40, a Carrera GT, an SLR, and a optioned out Black/Black 430 spider.  We also have a Black/Black 430 coupe on the way.  I love getting new inventory in, almost as I love seeing it go out.

Reality Show

Well, I got the contracts today for the reality show that they want to do in the store.  I can’t tell you which network, but we’re going to do it.  It doesn’t really pay that much, but the exposure is worth it. Plus I think the staff is jazzed about the possibility of being famous.  It revolves around the store, the exotic car sales process, the celebs, the cars, and of course Las Vegas. It should be great. As soon as I’m allowed, I let you know more details.

Enough for now, gotta get back to work…..

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