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SEMA, golf and a good friend

November 3, 2006


Well, I finally found out what SEMA stands for: Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association.  What it really is, is a place where manufacturers of anything related to cars (other than entire cars) show their products. It’s enormous.  There is one entire hall dedicated to wheels and tires, one for SUVs and trucks, one for electronics, and one for repair restoration and performance parts.  The Michelin booth, where we had a Koenigsegg CCX was the most impressive.  The booth has a horseshoe shaped ramp with the ends being ground level and the center being about 15 feet high.  6 cars were on the horseshoe and one on a turntable in the middle.  They were a Bugatti Veyron, the CCX, a Maclaren F1, a Pagani Zonda roadster, a new Saleen S7, and two more basic cars, a Porsche Ruf Turbo and a Fisker.  Without a doubt, these were the most impressive group of cars in the show.  We had several of our customer come to see the CCX, and took one deposit.  The waiting list on these cars just gets longer and longer.

Criss Angel

I just want to take a moment to talk about this guy.  Besides being the greatest magician in the world (see his show “Mindfreak” Wednesday at 10pm on A&E), he is also one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.  I sold him a Lamborghini a while ago, and we have since become good friends.  My wife and I recently went out with Criss and Mini Driver for dinner and to see the Amazing Jonathan.  It was a great time. I’ve been a fan of Mini’s, so it was fantastic to meet and hang out with her. She’s as intelligent as she is beautiful. And Criss is truly incredible, and really a humble guy who is thankful to all his fans for their support. When we’re out, he will never turn down an autograph or a photo. I learn a lot about class hanging with him. Anyway, everyone should watch his show.  Also, we’re going to be carrying Criss’ line of merchandise in our store, so I’m very excited about that.  I know that sounded like a Criss Angel commercial, but that’s how I really feel.


I live at a country club, and on Sunday I got a call from the club champion (Marty) to play as his partner in the member/member tournament next weekend. It is the biggest tournament of the year for our club.  Problem is, I haven’t played in a while. You see, I had shoulder surgery not to long ago.  Before my surgery, every time I swung a golf club, I was in pain.  Even so, I was carrying a 13 handicap, which is not too bad (I’ve been as low as a 6). Before my surgery I played with Marty one time, and played well, which he remembered.  So, I’m feeling the pressure to play well.  I hit balls twice this week, and practiced short game once. Tomorrow is my first real round, so we’ll see how I do. At least there’s no pain in my shoulder.  I’ll report back after my round.

Not much going on this weekend.  Golf tomorrow morning, then I’ll head to the store.  Going to see Devo (are they still together?) at the Hard Rock tomorrow night. Sunday is football and playing with the kids. Sunday evening I’m playing in Vince Neal’s poker tournament (I took 5th last year). Wish me luck!

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