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The Weekend

November 7, 2006

Weekend Report

Golf first. I played Saturday morning. I Went to the range first and hit a bunch of balls.  I was hitting everything pure, which usually means my round will not be so good….and it wasn’t.  But it turned out to be my short game that killed me.  They have the greens super fast (11 or 12 on the meter), and if you missed a 4 foot putt, it would go 6 feet past the hole.  That’s no excuse really. I just need to spend more time putting before the tournament on Friday.  Anyway I shot an 89, which I think could have been a 79 if my short game was sharper.

Saturday night turned out to be a night of choices.  We had tickets for Devo, An invitation to the Motley Crue/Aerosmith concert, and, at the last minute, tickets to the Mayweather fight.  Believe it or not, we ended up going to the Devo concert at the Hard Rock.  My wife didn’t want to go to the fight, and we’ve seen the other 2 bands more than once.  Turned out to be a good decision, Devo rocked.  Of course it was a little funny seeing 5 fifty something, overweight, balding guys wearing flower pots and plastic bags, but they were really good.  Afterward, we hung out in the Peacock lounge and gambled a little.  I ended up winning $2500, which didn’t suck, and we got home about 3am. 

Poker on Sunday was a little better, but I didn’t make the money.  150 people played. Most were novices.  Only the top 10 got paid. There were maybe 30 quality players and only 3 big names; Kenna James, Layne Flack, and Tom McEvoy.  I was seated at a table that was pretty soft to start.  In fact I almost didn’t look at my cards, I just played the people. It was easy to take a table lead and within the first 3 levels I had everyone covered by a multiple of 3.  There were 2 guys at my table who were good players, so I mostly stayed away from them.  We got down to around 30 players and by that point there were several big stacks at the table.  I got into a hand with the only bigger stack than me. I had two kings on the flop and he had Jacks.  He got lucky and spiked a Jack on the river and I was out.  No matter how good you play, you can’t outplay luck.  When I left, Kenna had a healthy chip lead. I’m going to try to find out if he won it.

Sales report

This last week was pretty decent.  We took another CCX deposit.  We also sold a Superamerica, an F40, a Black Murcielago, a yellow Murcielago and a 360 spider.  Getting cars is as challenging as selling them.  On that note, we are always looking for quality cars to buy or consign, so don’t be afraid to contact us if you know of anything good.

Gotta run, I’ll try to post later this week.

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