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Boring Blog

November 13, 2006


That’s the one word description of my golf game last weekend.  And it wasn’t just me.  My partner, who is a 2 handicap, didn’t play well either.  We played five 9 hole matches and only won 1 of them. I’d like to make excuses about the wind, or the sun being in my eyes, or my favorite excuse of all…”I was young, and I needed the money”, but the fact is I just didn’t play well.  I missed some important putts, and when the wind picked up, I drove the ball out of bounds twice.  Its frustrating because I’m a better golfer than that.  The good news is that we bet on the team that won, which means I collected $1800.  I would rather have won it myself, but there’s always next year.

The American Heart Association

As some may know, I have been asked, and have accepted the chairmanship of the American Heart Association gala for 2007.  My wife’s father died of heart disease as have millions of others, and its really a worthy cause.  The AHA also is the American Stroke Association, so for the gala, we are honoring Sigfreid and Roy.  Roy Horn, as you may remember, suffered a stroke after being hurt by one of his tigers onstage.  His and Sigfreid’s courage throughout this ordeal is inspiring.  We’re also honoring UMC trauma center, which is the ER where Roy was brought after the incident.  The gala is February 24th, 2007 at Wynn resort.  It is going to be a celebrity packed event with tons of media coverage.  If you’d like to attend, donate, or sponsor, please email me.


The week just started, so I should probably wait until next week to report, but we did sell two 430 coupe’s, and a white continental GT with white wheels.  We’re also finishing up the sale of the F40 and 288.  Not too crazy, but we’re staying in business.


Somebody help me figure this out.  I am not happy with the floor in the retail store.  It’s concrete with texture on top, which I had painted an earthtone brown. But I think it looks cheap and not up to the elegance of the dealership side of the store, so I’m looking for floor suggestions.  There are 3 considerations; Cost, time, and mess.  The floor to be covered is about 8500 square feet.  To tile it you either have to scrape it down to the concrete slab, or you have to float it.  But if you float it, then it will be higher than the mall floor and you’ll have to step up to enter the store.  If you scrape it, it will take days and be a mess.  I don’t want to close my store for days.  I’m looking into a flexible plastic or rubber tile that can go right over the existing floor.  Or maybe I should just leave it and paint it a different color, or I could carpet part of it.  Does anyone have an idea on this?  Any help will be appreciated.


Ok, I just reread this blog and it’s pretty boring.  No hot chicks, no celebrities, no wild parties.  Well, all that did happen, I just can’t talk about it.  But I will tomorrow, so check back…….

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